How to establish a subsidiary office

The advantage of establishing a subsidiary office in Germany is that lawyers and tax advisers are bound by fixed tariffs and have to tell you in advance if they intend to charge more. So, you are quite safe as far as your cost structure is concerned. Similarly, costs are projectable if you choose an office center for your address. This is one of the reasons why many companies prefer to use the infrastructure of an office center to run their business – either remotely or with local people.

Contract periods with office centers are definitely shorter than on the commercial market, meaning you reduce your risk in case you want to change country, location or your method of market access. Flexibility is key here.

In addition, the office center might already be working with tax and legal partners and can therefore recommend solutions fitting your needs.

Costs are predictable: make sure you know all costs charged each month (we naturally do), so there will be no surprises with unexpected costs, maybe simply because there are different rules and regulations in the country of the parent company.

So, some summaries in a nutshell for establishing an affiliate at an office center:

  • No cumbersome administrative work
  • No waste of time for rules and regulations
  • Flexibility
  • Cost transparency

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