where to relocate to from the UK, where to move to in Europe after Brexit?

Business after Brexit

Business definitely always looks for the best opportunities within the given political framework. This framework will change – in which way we will see. Many companies are already reacting to the uncertainties by moving across the channel and establishing a business branch within the EU single market. No matter whether you talk to big industries, SMEs or individual professions, all of them are struggling with the same questions:
• where to relocate to from the UK after Brexit
• where to get profitable access to markets
• where to encounter easy-to-handle administrative requirements
Contrary to market expansion or exploring new terrains, most companies are now trying mainly to maintain business with the EU single market, so as not to lose already established ties. It would be ideal not to have to focus too much on the entity to be, but to be able to have it run along the usual business to the extent possible. Reliable partners and a minimal personnel structure might fit best.

where to move to in Europe

Many companies have already answered the question of where to move to in Europe after Brexit. Some by moving the whole company, some by founding an affiliate abroad. Germany, and especially North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), has dominantly profited from this development. It is not only because this German state owes its existence to the British that the ties are traditionally close.
• company formations by British companies in Germany have risen 20% since the Brexit referendum
• for British companies Germany is the second most popular market for expansion/settlement after the US
• one third establish their business in North Rhine-Westphalia
Dusseldorf can also look back on a long history of German-British relations, which was also due to a strong military presence in Monchengladbach (a city close by) in the past. Presently ties are tightened by frequent visits of the business promotion agency in the UK, the co-operation projects with the partner city of Reading and a very engaged and active consul general. Of course, people find a likable business and personal environment.
So maybe you would like to get in touch with some business promotion agencies or partners, for example
• German Chamber of Commerce (IHK), the
• German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce (AHK), or the
British Chamber of Commerce in Germany

Due to the fact that Dusseldorf is a very international town with expats from around the world, there are excellent relocation services which make moving and settling easy for your staff.

where to move to in Europe from the UK

Duesseldorf, the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia, is therefore the ideal place to settle your business in order to overcome the Brexit consequences and the ideal place for expanding in the German and European market. This single market gives access to nearly 400 million people. From Duesseldorf with its central location one can reach 15 million people within one and a half hours’ drive.
After discussing where to move to in Europe after Brexit, companies need a strong and reliable basis for their affiliate. We have discovered that simply having an address or an office is important, since it is your business card, but there are things that should also been taken into consideration to boost business. It is more the complete business environment, the co-operation with lawyers, tax advisers, even the relocation support which might make the start in Europe after Brexit successful. However, approaches are different. You are welcome to select your business mode – from just a virtual address to a real contact person in place, answering or forwarding requests from the client’s side.
The approach is very transparent: the basic package, address and mail service, fulfils the basic needs for having an anchor abroad. For any additional service feel free to calculate your individual cost/benefit ratio. For some, telephone answering might be important, some are happy with forwarding the calls to the UK. The same principle applies to all other services: manage whatever possible within your company – should it be more efficient and less costly, we are happy to take over certain parts of your administration or sales support. Here you can check some of the options.

First steps

It is quite clear that even minimum of presence will create enormous advantages in terms of approaching your clients. Not only do you have an address on your business card and your home page, but organizing trade fairs, and meetings and gets much easier. And in case you want to expand into a business unit, all your shipments and logistics become easier due to less formalities within the European Union.
1. Get in touch with us or one of the partners above to get a clear picture of the cost side
2. Check with your tax adviser which form of establishment is most profitable, taking into consideration the cost-saving effects of an office within the EU
3. Select your on-site team of partners
4. Get quotations and start


The uncertainty surrounding the kind of co-operation and agreements between the UK and the European Union in the future calls for an aggressive market approach. This is to protect existing trade ties as well as to ensure good market expansion in the future. Duesseldorf in Germany has proven for a long time that it is a good choice for answering the question of where to move from the UK after Brexit. One might be surprised with how little effort and how cost efficient a settlement could be – depending on your individual business needs. Select your individual business mode and get an idea which options there are and which of them best suits your company!