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Annually, the “How it could be” Report suggests events or occurrences likely or desirable in the year to come. The venue of it’s presentation is always kept secret to the last possible moment. Kyoto, Shanghai, Santiago de Chili or Duesseldorf/Germany are presently the most likely loctions.


Also, some parts of the “How it could be report” – leaked. Here the details:

  • The newly founded United Counties of Earth have agreed to extend its ambition on founding the Bright Moon Company exploiting the soils of the moon together – moonwalk included. Trouble is only, that no one really wants to work on the dark side of the moon.
  • In looking for a first name for the new 007 agent, Hollywood so far selected Jay or Jacobe for further discussion.
  • Elon Musk and Richard Branson work together on hyperloop – – well that would be too awesome.
  • And – the no-straw initiative led to a big relief for fish and oceans.
  • And finally, due to vaccinations cinemas and theatres will open again for the public.


Good things come if we believe in it!

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