Eco-transition program

To eliminate eco hazardous waste or activities to the largest extend possible this affects following areas:

 Energy and energy efficiency:

Our energy company provides us with a electricity with 100% renewables. We run nearly 100% on LED lighting. Some of our clients are even in the process of being certified by the RE100 climate group 


We are in the process of shifting to eco-friendly products in the area of cleaning, office supply and catering.

Collecting paper, toners and batteries separately is natural fur us anyway.

In addition we are an official collecting point for the corc re-use project  of Germany’s NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) 

ABD Business Centers provide office space and services for nearly 40 years now. Time and innovation change faster and faster. What is needed is a constant adaption to changing requirements and focus topics. Since early 2017 ABD has started to consequently support sustainable resource management and the reduction of energy consumption.

It started (much earlier) with paper recycling, followed by systematic collection of

  • batteries
  • toners
  • electronic waste

As soon as available, we have replaced the lighting with LED lamps and reduced energy consumption significantly.

Our NEW focus areas are:

  • water
  • cleansing material and
  • cargo bikes


To supply CO2 friendly water, we selected providers with wells for drinking water not more than 80 km from our office. But on the long run we want to learn how to offer the same quality with the most eco-friendly water product, available from the tab: Receiving advise from the “a tip: tap“ initiative (, we will be able to reduce our CO2 footprint further on by the end of the year.


Our new floor, extending our premises on Oststrasse in Duesseldorf gives us opportunity to go for a new cleaning concept, focussing environmentally friendly cleaning material. Excluded are only disinfectants which are necessary due to Corona presently.


Presently cargo bikes are very much in fashion – which we are using for our regular shopping tours for office supplies. We take advantage of the cargo bikes provided by the city of Duesseldorf!

Our goal is to improve our environmental footprint for our Office Centers.